Film Photography #4 – St. Lucia

Film Photography #4 – St. Lucia

I traveled to St. Lucia for my fourth and fifth rolls of film! My fiancée Katy was doing photography for a beautiful elopement there and captured some amazing moments. Her day before photos are here, elopement day photos are here, and day after photos are here. I was lucky enough to be able to travel with her and we spent a few days in and around Soufrière after the elopement. All of these photos were taken there.

Katy had an old Canon EOS 3 laying around so I picked it up to try out 35mm film after getting used to 120. I wanted to try something easier, cheaper, and more accessible to balance out the extreme hesitation I was finding I had with my Yashica.

Camera: Canon EOS 3

Film: Fujicolor PRO400H (35mm)

Katy’s clients were happy to let me take some shots of them above Soufrière with the two Pitons in the background. The town is known for the Pitons.

A rookery of cattle egrets in the middle of town.

Petit Piton is visible from town and hides Gros Piton.

The EOS 3 has a flash!

The view from our balcony from our first Airbnb.

Katy, keep your eyes open!

That’s better.

Pulp from a local plant turns red when squeezed.

We went birding with a local guide named Thomas.

The view from our second Airbnb.

There are hot springs all around town. We went to New Jerusalem which is where the locals go. It was just as beautiful as the other hot springs, less crowded, and cheaper.

One day I’ll master timed photos…

Katy insisted there be a photo of me.

St. Lucia was occupied by the French and English multiple times. There are these watchtowers and other military ruins around the island.

Saltfish and bake – the national dish.