Film Photography #1 – Cascade Mountains & Oregon Coast

Film Photography #1 – Cascade Mountains & Oregon Coast

Recently, my friend James O’Shea convinced me to try out film photography. It makes sense since my fiancé and roommate are both professional photographers. I’ve had an interest in film in the past due to the intentionality of it. The film photography community in Portland is also wonderful and Blue Moon Camera{:target="_blank"} is a great local shop that is supportive of people of ALL experiences.

James pushed me into the film world by thrusting preloaded BRANCA into my hands just in time for a guys backpacking trip at Opal Creek in Oregon over the weekend of January 5th – 7th, 2018. I was nervous, really had no idea how to set the exposure and aperture properly but had a guide (James) to help me out.

When I picked up the developed film, the studio told me they wanted to use one of my photos for their social media account. I immediately thought all of my shots were gold and I was hot shit. More accurately I just got lucky. Below are the results.

Here is the first shot I took with the camera with help from James on January 6th. We were camping down river about 1000 feet from here.

Camera: Bronica ETRSi
Film: 400TX (120)

Looking over the bridge on opal creek

Next I decided to venture off and try some photos on my own. The forest was so dark I adjusted the shutter speed SUPER low on some of the shots to compensate and it shows.

Photo of water on ground at Opal Creek

Photo of ferns taken at low light.

Blurry photo of moss and water at low light

Here is the money shot – the photo Blue Moon wanted to use for their social media account. My friend Kyle wanted to dip his face into the creek. Mind you, it was only barely above freezing outsize and the creek was crisp. I decided to try to capture this moment on film. I myself was precariously on the edge of the creek and set the camera on a rock, set the aperture / shutter speed to a guess, and took the photo from my hip. I got very lucky.

Man with head in ice cold creek

I love this next shot from January 7th. This is the famous James with his Hasselblad. I took WAY too long to take this shot (probably about 3 minutes).

James O’Shea outside Opal Creek on mountains

Ridge with trees in black and white

I continued this roll on January 13th, 2018 at Ecola State park. All these photos were taken near the end of the day.

Blurry beach at Cannon Beach

This portrait of myself and Katy Weaver{:target="_blank"} was taken by Luke Wenker Photography{:target="_blank"}.

Katy and Mikael at Ecola State Park

Here is a shot of Luke himself.

Man next to creek on beach in forest

Indian Beach ecola state park at dusk black and white

I finished off this role South of Lincoln City on  February 17th, 2018.

dock in bay with wood and seagulls

lovers james and melissa at the beach in black and white

A lot is going on here, but it really captured the crazy fun we were having between rain showers.

people taking pictures and pointing

Man who is higher than he looks with unsuspecting fiancee

Thanks for reading!