Film Photography #3 – Antigua, Guatemala

Film Photography #3 – Antigua, Guatemala

My third film roll was roll #2 with my Yashica Mat 124G. I shot this entire roll on March 1st, 2018 (yes in one day) after my previous rolls lasting weeks. I’ll be honest, I was feeling pretty cocky. Maybe it was my propal that went off the rails which I magically recovered{:target="_blank"}. Maybe it was the allure of working with a film camera and thinking I was cool. Whatever it was, I didn’t take the proper time to setup my shots. A lot of them are out of focus, blurry, underexposed, and just hurried.

I am ultimately  disappointed with this roll but it was still a great learning experience. This roll in a magical and memorable place that was underwhelming will remind me to take my time in the future. The lovely women in these photos are Katy Weaver {:target="_blank"}and Marcela Pulido{:target="_blank"}.

Camera: Yashica Mat 124G

Film: Ektar 100 (120)

Testing out the timer!

Churches in Central America are not this blurry generally. 😂

This would have been SO perfect if I lined it up beter and focused correctly. Cars were distracting us in the street.

Getting dark and blurry – I blame it on the alcohol.

Last shot was a timer shot on a rooftop brew pub just before we went home. Timer works, shot is just underexposed by about 6 clicks.

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